PR Resources

Perhaps you just need some assistance getting your message out to the general public and you are short of fresh ideas or resources. This is why I have compiled a helpful collection of tools below that can spark new life into your campaign. Feel free to utilize the links below with or without hiring me to write your copy. I've worked with enough clients to know where they face the biggest roadblock - and it's usually knowing where and how to send out their fabulous, polished press release.


If you like the idea of having your press release distributed for you, landing it in online newsfeeds like Google, Yahoo, AOL and Bing, as well as hitting the desks of 250,000+ opt-in news subscribers and being permanantly hosted on a site that receives 1.5 million visitors each month, I highly recommend the services offered at Distribution packages range from $80 to $360 per press release. I routinely write press releases for distribution on and have seen them land major placements in the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, FOX News and a variety of early morning and daytime talk shows.

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Press Release Distribution for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are constantly battling for funds and for exposure. causewire, powered by eReleases, is a reputable discounted press release distribution site geared toward helping non-profits gain the edge they need to stay competitive. Distribution packages start at $199.


Press Release Distribution on a Budget

If you want to "test the waters" with your first press release, offers several budget-friendly packages for online distribution, starting at only $49.


Need a Logo?

If you are a start-up company and need a quality logo at a great price, check out LogoMaker, where you can design your custom logo in three easy steps for only $49.


Web Hosting

I use Bluehost for this and several other Web sites. They are affordable, starting at $6.95/month, and their customer service has been helpful and courteous anytime I've needed it.


Email Marketing

For email campaigns and electionic newsletter distribution, I highly recommend Constant Contact. Although the site can also help with Event Marketing, Surveys and Social Media, the real bread-and-butter of their services, in my opinion, is in Email Marketing. They have over 400 highly-customizable templates, terrific tracking reports and a free 60-day trial. Many of my clients rely on Constant Contact for reaching their customers.